Ice Cream Socials at Bethel Murdoch Presbyterian Church

Members of the Bethel Murdoch Presbyterian Church have been making homemade ice cream for over 80 years! In the ’40’s and ’50’s the socials were held out on the front lawn and called a ‘lawn fete’. We used ‘real’ cream, eggs, and fresh fruit, four flavors of ice cream were served: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and peach. Lights were strung between the trees and the freezers were cranked by hand.

During the ’60’s through the ’80’s we moved indoors and the Ice Cream Socials were held in the basement of our church. By this time an electric motor had been purchased to crank the freezer and ice was chipped by hand to pack cartons to go. Our menu had also expanded to include sandwiches along with our delicious ice cream.

By the 1990’s to present, our ice cream is made in two 5 gallon, old fashioned, Amish built churns and members gather the week before the social to make the ice cream. We now offer several wonderful flavors and have added entertainment and events to our socials. The socials are typically held the second Saturday in June, July, and August each year. Our socials bring folks from the surrounding community to join us for fun and fellowship. They have also brought us many blessings over the years.